Hello! Just a quick note to prospective PhD students and prospective graduate students who are sending out messages as they apply to graduate programs: it’s much much much more successful if you have research interests in mind that actually align with the kinds of things the person you’re emailing does or is interested in. Please don’t use ChatGPT or some other LLM to summarize their websites and their recent publications to them, especially if you aren’t able to articulate how those summaries relate to the project you are hoping to propose. We can tell. It’s actually quite obvious. We LOVE when we hear from people that actually have overlapping interests! But we are currently all overburdened by emails that have very little connection to our research interests. So ditch the ChatGPT approach and actually try to think more critically about how your interests connect, please.


Dr. Cezanne Elias

Dr. Colin Gray and the UXp2 lab

Dr. Nathan Hartman

Dr. Kristine Marceau

Dr. Carolyn McCormick

Dr. David Nemer

Dr. Paul Parsons and the DVC lab

Dr. Yumary Ruiz

Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth and the Military Family Research Institute

Dr. Laura Zanotti

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