The previously-announced open PhD position has been filled. But please feel free to reach out to Austin with any inquiries about potential future PhD positions, or about the PhD program in the Purdue Polytechnic in general.

Semi-Open Positions

Austin does not currently have any “active” funded undergraduate or Master’s student research positions, but there are many opportunities through the Purdue Polytechnic Institute to create these kinds of positions. Interested students should reach out to Austin to find out if there are any such opportunities on the horizon. Alternatively, students could consult this (occasionally-updated) list from the Polytechnic Research Development Office.

Additionally, it is always possible to participate in my lab if a student has interest in participating. Unfunded students are always welcome, but they are also constantly reminded that their positions and their involvement is voluntary. Austin seeks, in every opportunity, to ensure that the commitments and expectations involved in participating in his lab are as transparent as possible.

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